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Idea's for Kuld backstory

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:21 pm    Post subject: Idea's for Kuld backstory Reply with quote

There god is basically a giant, obese Kuld that is said to eat the souls of the plumpest of Kuld. To be eaten by there god is the greatest honor a Kuld could ask for. The digestive system of there god is heaven for them because there god's undigested food is always the tastiest. The skinny Kuld are mealy reincarnated into new Kuld, that may be lucky to get the food they need to reach the great belly of there deity.

As for Government and other things, the Kuld are a Constitutional Feudalism. The Constitution for each of the Tribe's is decided purely by the Tribe elder.
All Kuld tribes are extremely unorganized, but, some Kuld are born leaders but are latter eaten by Rebellious Kuld. It usually takes a couple of month's for a Kuld tribe to fall into Anarchy and replaced by a new tribe.

Kuld Shaman's are called 'Gorger's' due to them being the fattest and most well feed Kuld. Kuld shaman's decide what the Tribe eat's and what they do not eat. Punishment for eating something a Gorger say's is Inedible ranges from tribe to tribe, put most tribe's have a weak punishment such as 'Slave for 10 minute's', or 'sit in the corner and think about what you've done'. In rare cases, punishment for eating something the Gorger has claimed inedible is eaten alive.

Because i felt like it; the list of the most Intelligent Kuld to the least intelligent from top to bottom. (Top being smartest, Bottom being stupidest)

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