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Warpod Riggers are up!

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:01 pm    Post subject: Warpod Riggers are up! Reply with quote

Some info from Anton:

So what is a POD. Bluntly put a POD is a Programmable Operating Device. Destroid IV is overpopulated in them. They are a programmable subservient automaton designed to conduct and fulfil a particular function, be it a form of labour, scientific measure or in a military capacity. PODs are used extensively throughout the Atraedan Empire as a means of complimenting and assisting an otherwise much smaller body of human colonists, enabling and enhancing their output by a ratio according to POD numbers. During peace time the PODs are generally happy to go about their business with very little back chat, argument or "passing of the buck" and are an efficient and dependable work force. In times of conflict however... if a POD gets wet! (no just kidding) if a PODs threat analysis matrix identifies a problem or it is attacked the PODs self defensive reactive programming is designed to initiate a 'state of defense' function override... this is affectionately known as "Going Warpod". The threatened POD will immediately override its primary programmed function and adopt a new combat function, acting both accordingly and with furious descrimination until the identified threat has passed or has been terminated. Once initiated however the function override cannot be reset unless by authorised human intervention.

The story of Warpod and all the robotic misadventures (which will not be told here... just yet) chronicle the events that occur on the tiny resource moon of Destroid IV during and after a dastardly raid by the brutish, thuggishly muscle clad, hygience deficient and intolerably bad mannered alien interstellar pirates known only as "The Gaark" (who you will all meet soon enough... and then wish you hadn't)

Anyway so back to the release... In Warpod: Malfunction the Riggers are the quintessential good guys, having survived relatively unscathed during the unleashing of the Kontagion virus during the Negatroid Syntactic they were engineered to autonomously manage and maintain the city-sized oil platforms (known as Rigs) that populate the vast salt water bodies that cover much of the moons surface. Planetary environs such as the blackwatered Burgron Acid Pond and the infamously hazardous Drogan Channel. Oceans and waterways so harsh to organic life they cannot be successfully inhabited or operated within by humans. The Riggers who are systematically designed to weather such extreme environments are highly dependable, sturdy little workhorses.

Aptly nicknamed Riggers because of this line of function (ie- they operate the Rigs) the battery existence expectation for a Rigger before corrosion is approximately 60 years. The Rigs huge integral engineering bays coupled with the Riggers acute maintenance oriented programming allows the Rigger work force to construct, repair and refit any machinery found on the moon and enhances their ability to extract and refine oil and other precious resources from deep within the earth, providing them with an almost inexhaustible fuel supply. All of these benefits and the fact that their platform fortresses are protected by a near endless sea of highly corrosive acid serves them well in the struggle here now and to come...

Warpod: Malfunctions self titled rulebook is coming later this year thanks to the help and assistance of Josh, Anthony and the team at Zombiesmith...so stay tuned!

Get em here: http://www.zombiesmith.com/collections/warpod
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

great backstory!
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Macc!
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