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Fraedarl LMG Cadier Team Rules! (Official)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:01 pm    Post subject: Fraedarl LMG Cadier Team Rules! (Official) Reply with quote

Fraedarl LMG Cadier team
Found in the Stables of Fidwog: HERE

Pts: 90

Gaefyni (2)

Nerb F6.6 LMG - CV +3, Medium, Auto-fire, Crewed weapon (Cadier Portable)

The Nerb F6.6 is a modified version of it's cousin the Bensa F6; it has a 33 round top-mounted magazine to assist with the feeding of the cartridge instead of the belt-fed ammunition of the Bensa.
This also helps in keeping the rounds clean during action in and along the muddy trenches of Fidwog, an issue the Bensa has had throughout it's time on the front.

The Fraedarl LMG team along with the Nerb have only come into existence since the opening of the Croesgadwr Fyrch, a tactic, initially, bred out of desperation in an attempt to push out the Crusader during the opening days of the war.

Weapons Crew (Cadier Portable)
Like all weapons crews the FLCT are activated with a group roll. The gunner may use his successes to shoot, or take an aimed shot. The loader may move the cadier, shoot with his pistol or clear reloads and jams, as well as use a success to add his CV (2) to the gunner's auto-fire shot (directing and talking the gunner through targets - Paf Braed in the saddle!).

Each successful wound on the FLCT increases its quality by 1. On the 3rd wound, or a quality of 7+ the FLCT unit is dead. An Out of Action result causes one wound and a Kill result causes two wounds. The Cadier of the FLCTs' are of the noblest breeds and, unlike the Faerf, do not panic under fire.
On the second wound (Q6) make a standard morale check with normal Quality of 4.


Foyt stroked Mable's brow as she lay wounded on the cold, wet turf. The cadier had performed admirably in the push, and when she had taken a round had gone down without so much as a grunt, allowing Foyt and Dafyd to use her as a shield while they brought their machinegun to bear on the enemy. The push had been a success, thanks in part to the grazing fire laid down by the pair, and now Dafyd had run back to the rear to find a veterinarian to tend to poor Mable's wounds.

She had been with the 723 Fraedarl "Light Hearts" Company since its formation, two long years passed. The young cadier had seen countless battles while many in her stable had come and gone, but not Mable. No, she was a rare and special animal - a young, white mare from the house of Glasporfa in the eastern valley of Ballytom, renowned for their strong, intelligent stock.

Since being assigned to Foyt and Dafyd she had saved them on countless occasions, and both quar agreed this day would not be her last. She had earned more respect over the last few years than the gaefyni riding her had won medals, and they were not going to let her down.

What seemed like hours had gone by before Dafyd finally sprinted back, dragging an officer type in tow. The quar knelt down beside Mable, pulled a stethoscope from a small black bag he carried, and listened to her breathing. He looked up and shook his head. "I'm very sorry, gaefyni, but the mare hasn't much longer." He packed his bag and gave the pair a look of sorrow, then stood up and trudged back to the line.

Foyt and Dafyd looked at each other, tears welling in their eyes. They both hugged the mare and held her tightly, refusing to leave her side until Ancillary Services had cleared the no-quarís-land. In the early evening a heavy tarp was brought out, and Mable placed upon it. She was carried back with her lads at the lead, a solemn procession fit for a queen.

Months later, a statue of Mable was erected outside the Glasporfa stables, commissioned by her two fraedarl. Foyt and Dafyd raised the funds themselves, generously gleaned from the numerous catrawds that they had supported from atop Mableís willing back.

Tokish prisoner to Constable Edgyr Nikklys on the Fidwog border in Year 8 of the Crusade, after being taken along the frontier "Is the war nearly over you think?"
to which Edgyr replied "It's over for you anyway"
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